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Choosing pre-finishing within a controlled environment before installation consistently proves to be a valuable decision. Whether dealing with interior or exterior trim, doors, windows, or garage doors, the pre-finishing of wood products significantly enhances their durability.

Construction and remodeling projects often face disruptions due to work conditions and weather-related challenges. Pre-finishing eliminates weather and other conditions as variables, leading to more streamlined projects. Painting and staining can take place throughout the year in our controlled environment.

At Northern Accents Painting our pre-finishing facility is a massive 4000 square foot heated shop.  By creating ideal finishing conditions, we achieve a superior finish and appearance, ensuring durability and longevity that on-site application may struggle to replicate. Pre-finishing avoids issues such as temperature fluctuations, sun exposure, rain or snow, bugs, and dust landing in paint or stain.

Allowing proper drying time and curing of the final product is vital for producing a smooth finish and a durable surface. This durability stands up to both weather and use, reducing the chances of peeling and flaking. Achieving this on-site becomes challenging when there is other ongoing work and activity.

Work conditions and weather threats often disrupt construction and remodel timelines. Pre-finishing eliminates these variables, leading to more streamlined projects. Painting and staining can occur at any time of the year in our controlled environment, eliminating the need to wait for ideal temperature and humidity conditions. Instantaneous curb appeal is achieved after installation, with a tidy and complete job site.

Customization options for finishes have evolved beyond the limited color choices of the past. We offer a wide range of paint and stain colors, providing the freedom to explore complementary or contrasting color themes in your home. Customize your finishes according to the style and color that suits your home and personality.

Instead of replacing furniture, consider painting or staining it! Refinishing quality furniture can extend its life up to thirty years or longer, depending on the piece. Furniture refinishing serves two main functions: to protect the wood and enhance its beauty. Over time, furniture may become dull and damaged, and replacing it can be expensive. Furniture refinishing can restore and update old furniture, matching new styles or homes.

Our controlled environment and tools allow us to reach hard-to-access nooks and grooves in furniture, producing a smooth, long-lasting, and beautiful finish. Whether it’s a cherished family heirloom, a vintage find, or a highly functional piece, we make it easy to tailor your furniture to suit your individual style.